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People First

Self-Advocacy Group


Meets monthly at Services To Enhance Potential, 4700 Beaufait, Detroit.

People First of Wayne County was formed to educate persons with intellectual impairments and other developmental disabilities on self-advocacy.  Currently the group has 50 members, making it one of the largest self-advocacy groups in Michigan.  This year, Greta Joshua Received an ward from the State of Michigan House of Representatives that was presented to her by State representative Rose Mary Robinson.   Greta Joshua also was presented an award from The City Counsel of Detroit and an representative from Gabe Leland office Attorney Issac Robinson presented the award.


Information, mentoring, networking, advocacy


Working with the Michigan Alliance for Families, we offer a comprehensive information and referrals on all disability and education issues involving children and young adults from birth to age 26.  Services include one-on-one support, assistance in developing sound Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), assisting a student as they transition from school to work or community, encourage the use of Positive Behavioral Supports, protect the educational rights and responsibilities of the student outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and provide families compassionate and expert support in protecting the integrity of Special Education Services.


Support, Workshops, Information



The ARC Detroit supports children with intellectual impairments and other developmental disabilities by helping families navigate through the special education process from preschool through high school. The ARC Detroit supports families through the transition process by helping find supports in the college he or she plans to attend or finding vocational training and placement. This kind of planning is also known as Transition services. Transition Planning may also include continuing and adult education as well as independent living services and supports. The ARC Detroit as a parent education and support service that meets monthly to address concerns the family has. The ARC Detroit has a monthly lecture series that included varies topics such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and the ABC's of behavior just to name a few.










Recreation, Get-Togethers, Groups

The Arc Detroit
Summer Dance
Friday, August  17, 4:30 – 7 p.m.
The Arc Detroit
51 W. Hancock, Detroit
$5.00 Admission pay at door
More information? Call Hank Johnson


Monthly leisure and recreation program, information and referral programs and services, monthly self-advocacy programs, parent outreach activities, person centered planning training, annual disability rights summit, assist with the development of Individualized Education Plans, promote the reduction of institutional populations, advocate for access to community opportunities, promote the value and potential of all people.

The ARC Detroit services more than 300 persons per year with intellectual and other developmental disabilities from ages five to seventy five. The Arc Detroit has provided wheelchairs for young people from low income families whom have grown out of their current wheelchairs. The Arc Detroit has found appropriate safe housing for people who wish to remain independent.


Focus: Self-Advocacy and access to the community


The ARC Detroit supports self-advocacy for people with intellectual impairments and other developmental disabilities through town hall meetings that included the director of para transit from the Department of Transportation from the City of Detroit. The Arc Detroit maintains a strong relationship with the Southeast Michigan Regional Transit Authority. The ARC Detroit has found that transportation is a major issue for people with disabilities throughout the metro Detroit area. The ARC Detroit has a strong commitment to advocate for access to community opportunities. 

The Arc Detroit along with People First will have a meeting on Friday September  7, 2018 from 10:00 am-12:00 at STEP.   STEP is located on 4700 Beaufait  Detroit MI 48207