Greta Joshua a member of The Arc Detroit and is President of the Wayne County People First movement.  Greta's relationship with her sister, Dr. Alexa Joshua, is highlighted in this Wayne State University Developmental Disabilities Institute's Possibilities Series.

Yuself Seegars fully engaged in the  disability rights movement to secure equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities. He has advanced issues of accessibility and safety in transportation, architecture, and the physical environment; equal opportunities in independent living, employment, education, and housing; and freedom from abuse, neglect, and violations of individuals’ rights.  Yuself is also a champion for people with physical disabilities and works to insure accessibility and safety to public areas such as city streets and public buildings and restrooms. A noticeable environmental changes in Detroit has been the installation of curb cuts, and the elimination of unnecessary steps where ramps and elevators are not available, allowing people in wheelchairs and with other mobility impairments to use public sidewalks and public transit more easily and more safely.